High risk earthquake areas

high risk earthquake

Highest risk cities in USA: Los Angeles & San Francisco
Most active earthquake zones in United States (1974-2003) magnitute 3.5 or greater:

Detailed rapport, confirmed chart

Rank Location Number of quakes Country
1 Alaska 12053 times USA
2 California 4895 times USA
3 Hawaii 1533 times USA
4 Nevada 778 times USA
5 Washington 424 times USA
6 Idaho 404 times USA
7 Wyoming 217 times USA
8 Montana 186 times USA
9 Utah 139 times USA
10 Oregon 73 times USA

For more information on how the quakedata is gathered read our article on Seismogram – how an earthquake is registered

High risk areas by country and city:

Islamabad, Pakistan
Jakarta, Indonesia
Manila, Philippines
Tehran, Iran
Istanbul, Turkey ( 7,2 magnitude earthquake oktober 2011)
Quito, Ecuador
Kathmandu, Nepal
Delhi, India
Quito, Ecuador
Lima, Peru
Tokyo, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Kobe, Japan
Nagoya, Japan

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