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How many Km or miles does it take to circle the earth

Travelling around the world

Earth is marginally bigger than Venus and almost double the size of mars. If you want to circle the earth by foot, the distance would be around 40.000 km or around 24.800 miles. The travel can not be exactly calculated because of the variasjons that come, and the earth is not a perfect sphere form.

around the world by foot or boat

Can we exit earths athmosphere with 1MPH?

It is indeed possible to escapes earths gravity with 1MPH, but there is a catch.

At 26000 AU from earth, you can start floating away, but to get there you would need to hold the constant 1MPH which would require quite a lot of enery due to the earths pull.

This would be easyly possible with a free energy engine, and unlikely with fossilbased fuel system,

Distance to the moon - How far is it

The distance to the moon varies quite a bit, and the average distance is 384,403 km or 238,857 miles.

The closest range is 363,104 km or 225,622 miles and the largest range is 406,696 km or 252,088 miles.

With a difference of 43,592 km, you would be wise to time your travel to the moon as it varies.